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Krypton - W

Steel Blue

 Features of Krypton Wired Earbuds

  • Wired earbud with integrated microphone
  • 8mm Premium Drivers for an immersive audio experience 
  • Build in volume and mic control
  • Multiple sized earbud tips for an individual customized fit 
  • Xactknit Jacquard woven material accents and cord wrap
  • 3 sizes of silicone bud covers for a comfortable fit
  • Integrates with XACTLY bags for intuitive use down cord channel and pass-thru
  • 60” length

Total Volume Control

Designed for accurate volume control, these wireless headphones feature a volume control toggle that allows for easy volume adjustment without having to access your device. The toggle is accessibly placed to make sure that no matter where your journey takes you, the soundtrack is just as you like it. 

Built-In Mic

Designed to make sure your voice is heard, Krypton wired earbuds feature a built-in mic that truly gives you a voice that stands out. We know all work doesn’t take place at the office, and this built-in mic feature ensures that your voice is present, even when you’re not. 

Extended Length

With an extended 60 inch standard cable length, these wired earbuds are made to trace the internal cable tunnels of all of our Oxygen line bags. So even though you’re wired up, you’re never tangled up.


Each wired earpiece is externally lined in our custom jacquard woven XACTknit material.


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